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At evoke, we work with clients to help them thrive in the virtual world. We provide well-tested frameworks and training to help build skills that go beyond mastering the latest technology. Expertise includes certification of virtual instructors, training for managers of non-collocated teams, and virtual meeting management and presentations.


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What is Virtual Training Anyway?  Many organizations are finding it hard to answer this question. What are the important things your organization needs to know about Virtual Training? There are 5 questions that need to be answered to make sure everyone shares a common view about virtual training.



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7 Amazing TED Talks That You Need to Watch Today

TED talks are an incredible source of inspiration, practical ideas, and thought provoking creativity. This list is a "must watch" for anyone in the business of communication.


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5 Tips for Speaking through an Interpreter. Read Vernon's latest blog as he shares 5 tips through his interview with Peter Floyd, Experienced Interpreter.






Did you miss it?  On Friday, February 21st, we held a free webinar "Socializing the Virtual Classroom"

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Check out our promo from the ASTD Day of Learning event December 4th, 2013. 


Vernon Roberts was the Keynote Speaker for the 2013 ASTD Midlands Conference on September 19, 2013.

Making Virtual Teams Work: Ten Basic Principles, June 2013, Harvard Business Review Blog Network, Michael Watkins Read Blog Article


How Successful Virtual Teams Collaborate, 2012, Harvard Business Review Blog Network, Keith Ferrazzi, 2012 Read Blog Article





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